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New Year: The time is ripe to regroup and revitalize your team.

New Year: The time is ripe to regroup and revitalize your team.

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First of all let me wish you all a wonderful New Year.

One of the reasons I really love this time of the year, is the alignment which happens between people and ideas, leaders and their teams as well as individuals and the organization. It is a new opportunity to view your work with fresh eyes.

It is important that we focus on delivering some of our best work with enthusiasm and for that, it is necessary for us to be a part of a highly engaged and motivated team. And that is the exact reason why companies turn to team building.

Team building is an aspect of psychological discipline also known as organizational psychology. It motivates groups of workers to interact through a series of planned events that are fun & inspirational. These events also imparts a feeling of worthiness,belongingness and a sense of achievement within the working environment which are essential elements to happiness. These feelings can motivate a workforce and ensure they are at their most productive, and this attitude will in turn motivate other employees as well.

Happy employees are the most productive employees and all successful companies realize that team building events positively affect the productivity of individuals, teams and therefore the company as a whole.

Team building is a relatively new concept in Kerala though it is an inevitable part of the corporate culture across the world. As part of Vimingo Ventures, based out of Cochin, I have got to interact with many HR professionals from various companies. In my interaction I noticed that when it comes to team building the challenge in front of most human resource people are limited budgets, lack of allocated time and increased needs which leaves them with no choice but to compromise. This is where an year long package of periodic Employee Engagement Programs from Vimingo, exclusively custom designed for specific requirements, comes to their rescue so that they could set aside all their worries about engaging their employees without much hassles.

As you are looking forward to improve your team culture this new year, I would recommend you to get a taste of some team building events and see for yourself the magic of your employees. We assure you great fun, great exercise and the guarantee to leave your team feeling uplifted and refreshed!

Wish you a great year ahead. Cheers!

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